These two events are truly very special ones in Rio´s calender. All the best hotels offer packages for 4 to 7 nights and get booked up early. So if you want to be part of some of the world's best parties we recommanded you don't leave it to late to book! 

The most famous party happens on Copacabana beach. Up to 2 million people, all dressed in white, celebrating, watching live music and having fun. But the highlight is the incredible midnight fireworks display! Thousands then party through the night and go for a swim at the year's first sunrise!

Our services:

- Organising the hotel and transfer packages
- Reservations for New Years dinners and parties at the best hotels - The Copacabana Palace, Sofitel & Fasano 
- City tours, etc

The street carnaval of Rio de Janeiro is growing every year. During the whole week of Carnaval, hundreds of "blocos" entertain thousands and thousands of people around the city. Many cariocas (the people of Rio), leave during this crazy week, allowing room for the thousands of party goers to come and enjoy themselves in a way only carnaval can provide!

The main attraction during Carnaval is still the parades of the Samba Schools. Saturday night is for "warming up", when the schools of the B group give their best, because only the winner will be allowed to join the elite A group for the following year. Then on Sunday and Monday nights it's the great showdown in the enormous Sambodromo of the 12 best Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro. Like the famous ones of Beija Flor, Mangueira, Imperatriz, Salgueiro & Portela.       
If you want to know how it feels to be one of the stars of the parade, we can organise it so that you can take part in one of the schools, including obtaining one of those amazing costumes for you to wear!
Our services:

- Organising your hotel and transfer packages
- Obtaining your preferred category of tickets for the Sambodromo   
- Obtaining the costumes for the parade
Important observation:

Because of high demand all services must be paid in full in advance, and there can unfortunately be no refunds on these bookings for cancellation.

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You simply have to experience Rio at least once in your life. Not many places in the world can employ as many superlatives to describe it as does "The Marvelous City" . It truly is an intoxicating place, in one of the most beautiful settings of any city anywhere.